About FRC


The Foundation is a UK based organisation pursuing its objectives through, TRAINING, COMMUNICATION & RESEARCH

Developing Communities where Recovery & Wellness is available for everyone
To transform Recovery & Wellness through Recovery & Wellness Coaching, Communication and Research
The Foundation is committed to the following
Making it possible for people who have the passion and drive to become trained as Recovery & Wellness Coaches.

Assisting people, through providing access to recovery & wellness coaching, to recover from a wide variety of life experiences and health & wellbeing challenges. e.g: Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer, Mental Illness, Depression, Weight & Eating, Smoking, Financial & Gambling, Substance & Drug use and Addiction.

Assisting relatives, close friends and children affected by these issues to build their lives through access to recovery & wellness coaching.

Our mission by 2018 is to train 20,000 Recovery & Wellness Coaches providing a minimum of 2.5 Million hours of coaching to 50,000 people FREE of charge

Raising the awareness and value of Recovery & Wellness Coaching as a vital and useful component of building Recovery & Wellbeing in individuals and communities.
Focussing debate on the Recovery & Wellness process rather than the impact of illness and struggle.
Challenging stigma and discrimination across healthcare challenges
Developing research projects to support and develop the evidence base for the impact of Recovery 7 Wellness Orientation and Recovery & Wellness Coaching on individuals an communities.
The Foundation is a not for profit community interest company (CIC)
Our Grants support programme
We award grants to individuals and groups of individuals within organisations so that they might access Recovery & Wellness Coach Training provided by the foundations Recovery & Wellness Coach training providers.
In this way we intend to increase the availability of Recovery & Welnness Coach training, make it more accessible to a greater range of people and so increase the availability of trained recovery coaching to people it can benefit in communities.